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Joining in the legislative debate doesn’t have to be time-consuming or frustrating. There are some simple ways to make your voice heard. It begins with finding out who represents you in Olympia.

Click here and enter your ZIP code to find out who the elected officials are in your area.

Writing a letter to your elected officials

  • Writing a letter to your elected official remains one of the simplest and most effective ways to make your voice heard. Whether it is via e-mail, fax, or the old-fashioned post; getting your letter to elected officials is easier than ever.

    Here on Washington Business Votes, we provide you an easy method to contact you legislators. On each legislator’s page, you will see their full contact information including Web site, e-mail address, physical address, and phone number. You can even write you legislator via our Web site by clicking the “contact” button on each legislator’s page.
    Also, you can e-mail all three of your legislators at the same time via our Web site. 

Tips for writing letters

Call your elected officials

  • On each legislator’s page on this site, you will find the phone number to their main office. You can also call the hotlines for both the state and federal elected officials.

    • Leave messages for state elected officials by calling the Washington state legislative hotline at 800-562-6000.

    • Reach U.S. senators and representatives via the U.S. Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121.

Visit your elected officials

  • Letters and phone calls are effective, but not as effective as meeting one-on-one. Because Washington state has a part-time legislature, legislators are in their districts most of the year. Even during the legislative session, they come back to their districts to meet with constituents. These are great opportunities to speak directly to decision makers.

Testify at hearings and public committee meetings

  • Testifying before a legislative committee is the most effective way to get your voice heard by decision makers. If you are interesting in testifying on a particular issue, AWB is always looking for business leaders to come to Olympia to testify. Your voice makes a difference. If you are interested in testifying on an AWB panel, contact us at 360-943-1600 or by e-mailing us.

    If you are going to testify on your own, here are some tips. First, arrive early to sign up for a slot to speak. Time is limited at these hearings. Second, prepare written copies of your full testimony to pass out to the committee members. They may not be able to get to you during the meeting. Third, your time will be limited when you testify. Make sure to hit the key points on your issue. Finally, please be polite and respectful before, during, and after you testify.

Think long-term

  • Just because the legislature in Washington state is part-time, doesn’t mean your involvement should be as well. When the legislature is not in session, invite your elected officials to visit your business. Show them how issues affect you and your business. This gives you a more effective voice with your elected officials because you’ve built a relationship with them and they understand your business.

Finally, get involved with AWB

  • AWB is only as strong as our members. AWB works year-around as a conduit between the business community and the Washington state government. We work tirelessly to get our members involved in the legislative process and to help make our members’ voices heard. If you need assistance in addressing an issue or a piece of legislation, we are here to help.

    Also, AWB has numerous committees and councils that examine business issues year-round. These committees consist of our members and they direct the organization as it moves forward.

    For assistance with an issue or for more information about our committees, contact us at 360-943-1600 or by e-mailing us.